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Maybe you think you know all about the birds and the bees. But you likely don’t know as much as the ever-increasing population of urban beekeepers. If you’d like to join their veiled ranks, the Gotham City Honey Co-op offers weekly instruction in beekeeping. Every Sunday at the Central Park Arsenal, students discuss the finer points of hive management, honey gathering, and what to wear with those nifty hats.

If your Flickr page is fizzling and your Picasa sets are hardly works of art, consider enrolling in Hunter College’s “Seriously Fun Photography.” The fall session, which targets intermediate and advanced students, allows you to choose several areas of interest and arranges special class photography sessions. These might include a studio lighting shoot or a museum visit. Students assemble portfolios, and the course concludes in a critique.

Do you know your Cartier-Bresson from your Lorca diCorcia? OK, well, would you like to? Cooper Union offers “Photography Now: A Tour of Contemporary Photography,” a course designed to aid students in identifying picture-taking trends and trendsetters. For those who want to pick up a camera themselves, late-fall offerings include “Digital SLR Camera Workshop,” “The Photographer’s Signature,” and “Word and Image.”

Seems like almost every New Yorker wants to claw her way to the top. You can attempt a literal version of that climb at Brooklyn Boulders, the city’s only fully dedicated rock-climbing gym, with 18,000 square feet of climbing space. Located in Gowanus, the gym features classes in beginning or lead climbing, a slackline series, and private instruction. They also host birthday parties for those who prefer their cake at higher altitudes.

If you agree with Socrates that the unexamined life is not worth living, get ready to live large with the 10-week introductory course at Philosophy Works. The class draws on ancient and contemporary philosophy, encouraging students to “gain access to inner happiness, wisdom and strength.” (Modest course goals.) Weekly classes explore such questions as “What is Beauty?” and “Is there such a thing as Truth?”

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