CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] "Do we love Heaven more than God?" asks poet Paula Cisewski in her book Ghost Fargo. I think that's the kind of cryptic question you Capricorns would benefit from mulling over in the coming weeks. Your mind needs to get its customary categories shaken up and rearranged . . . needs its habitual grooves broken up and diverted . . . needs its easy certainties flushed and abandoned. Can you think of any other queries that will help you accomplish this noble work? Let me offer a few to get you started: 1. Do we love love itself more than we love the people we say we love? 2. Do we fear failure so much that we interfere with our cultivation of success? 3. Do we obsess on our longing to such a degree that we miss opportunities to satisfy our longing?

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] The Sanskrit word buddhi refers to the part of us that adores the truth. It's good at distinguishing between what's real and what's false, and is passionately attracted to liberation. Although it may go into long periods of dormancy in some of us, buddhi never falls asleep completely. It's always ready to jump into action if we call on it. The buddhi aspect of your psyche will be extra special big strong and bright in the coming week. In my opinion, that's better than winning the lottery.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] I like how snowboarder Graham Watanabe described his experiences at last February's Winter Olympics. He wasn't content with making a generic comment like "It was awesome!" or "No words could describe how great it was!" Instead he got florid and specific: "Try to imagine Pegasus mating with a unicorn and the creature that they birth. I somehow tame it and ride it into the sky in the clouds and sunshine and rainbows. That's what it feels like." As you break through your previous limits in the coming weeks, Pisces, I'd love to hear you summon some bursts of articulate jubilation akin to Watanbe's.

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