Huppert, divorced from reality and ex, Lambert
IFC Films
Huppert, divorced from reality and ex, Lambert


White Material
Directed by Claire Denis
IFC Films
Opens November 19, IFC Center, Lincoln Plaza

The Cry of Jazz
Directed by Edward Bland
November 19 through 21
Anthology Film Archives

The Cry of Jazz first appeared alongside quasi-Beat productions like Shadows and Pull My Daisy (with which it’s showing at Anthology), and was filmed shortly before the five-part 1959 TV documentary The Hate That Hate Produced introduced white America to the Nation of Islam. Unacquainted with Beat poetry, Norman Mailer’s “The White Negro,” Elijah Muhammad, or any expression of black cultural nationalism, Bland’s white jazz buffs are getting a taste of the ’60s, four years before the poet LeRoi Jones (not yet Amiri Baraka) shocked Down Beat readers with an essay arguing that “Negro music is essentially the expression of an attitude, or a collection of attitudes, about the world, and only secondarily an attitude about the way music is made.”

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