Winter Guide: Mikhail Baryshnikov Hosts the Hoodies

Street kids! Monks! Aszure Barton & artists bring Busk to BAC

January 20 to 29
No movies here. The misleading acronym stands for Feature-Length Independent Choreography, the sort that doesn’t fit into the time limits imposed by most multi-artist showcases. This festival, a new addition to a normally barren patch of the dance calendar, requires its choreographers to expatiate. From an inaugural crop that includes Jonah Bokaer, Tami Stronach, and Dusan Tynek, two choreographers share each evening. But each work must last approximately an hour—shorter than your average flick, but still a challenge in holding an audience’s attention. As a venue, the Irondale Ensemble Project’s converted Fort Greene church will attract some itself. Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn,

‘Flamenco Hoy’
February 16 to 20
The bad news is that there is no New York Flamenco Festival this year. (It’s going biennial.) The good news is that we get a flamenco spectacle directed by Carlos Saura. The trilogy of films he made using flamenco in the 1980s looms large in the history of both arts. In “Flamenco Hoy,” he applies his experienced eye and taste to experiments by the young choreographers Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños in a program that ranges into flamenco’s affinity with other music. Whatever the results, it should look fabulous. City Center, 135 West 55th Street,

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