Dirty Little Secrets in NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau

Witch hunts, injustice, and just plain incompetence in the secretive police-department-within-a-department

His bosses, he says, started giving him a lot more work than the other people in the office. He complained, and his supervisor brought charges against him for insubordination. "They made my life miserable," he says. "There was a backlog, and I was given 1,700 parking-related complaints to follow up on."

Rather than being credited for coming forward, John instead found himself targeted by his bosses, he says. He says they knew very quickly that he had filed a complaint. A lieutenant told him, "You know what I'm talking about. You called [Internal Affairs Bureau] Chief [Charles] Campisi's office and complained about me."

And a sergeant told him, "If you make any more complaints, it's not going to be good for you."

Filing a lawsuit as "John Doe," a gay detective in IAB says he is constantly harassed.
C.S. Muncy
Filing a lawsuit as "John Doe," a gay detective in IAB says he is constantly harassed.
Persecution complex: The Internal Affairs Bureau at 315 Hudson Street
Ashlei Quinones
Persecution complex: The Internal Affairs Bureau at 315 Hudson Street


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On a third occasion, a different sergeant told him, "Why don't you call Chief Campisi's office and complain as you did in the past?"

"They can't prevent the confidential information from being leaked," Secondas says. "He was basically punished for making a complaint."

Subsequently, he says, he requested at least five different transfers out of the unit, but those requests were ignored over a period of months, until he was finally moved to the IAB records unit at the beginning of October. He has since transferred to the court section.

Meanwhile, John was himself charged with a department infraction of duplicating his shield. He described the charge as "trumped-up" and further evidence of retaliation against him. He has never received any response for his various complaints to IAB. None of the officers he complained about have been disciplined, he says. And last September, he complained to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's liaison to gay and lesbian officers. He got no response.

"I've never had a case like this," Secondas says.


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ps Lt Agnes opened my case but refused to answer emails asking for Sgt Chen's and Vergona's badge number.


Unlike Lt Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen. DI Ed Winski, Chief Banks and new commander Timoney responded to me not treating me like IAB players and Lt Agnes of the try not to laugh -- the Integrity Bureau.

Capt Timoney said I am sure IAB will respond promptly. I said no disrespect but IAB responds like a turtle in molasses.


The link has a link in the text portion of Dr Fagelman's Delita Hooks false cross complaint that Det John Vergona used to threatened me with false arrest and finally succeed in coercing me to drop charges Sat Oct 29 2012. Coercion is a serious crime. Check the 2 links. I was clearly the victim but they did a criminal background check on me. I have no record. I will be filing the next stage of my lawsuit against Ray Kelly and IAB head Campisi nov 15 which will have a retaliation page laying out the many reasons NYPD and IAB fixed this like many other crimes like a Las Vegas Casino. Kelly and Campisi notified me via their lawyer they want to defend Det Vergona. IAB let him retire and we could not track him down on Staten Island. The Honorable Judge sided with me and said help me. Ray Kelly and IAB chief let me know where retired cop Vergona lives!!!! One Police Plaza. You all told me Kelly was corrupt! I understand. Ray Kelly taking free rides on Air Bloomberg for him and his wife a big clue. He isn't allowed to take a free cup of coffee.

Vergogna in Italian means shame. I have 2 audios. I at The First Precinct with PO Migori turning me away and Sgt Chen who said I could report Delita Hooks can't muster the courage or humanity to face me, u hear me call DI Winski, IAB and CCRB.

2nd audio IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell. Both are on YouTube. You hear her say case closed.

IAB lt Fikru said the video speaks for itself but he was only investigation O'Donnell. He won't return my calls.

Time for a new Commission in to NYPD IAB corruption. I will be the 2nd to last to testify and will include Rosemari Nam's motion to dismiss that shows Lt Burgos opened and closed my case for 24 hours. He didn't think Ron Kuby's letter 2 day after my weekend date to be false arrested 19 days after the assault and battery at Dr Fagelman with Drlita Hooks false cross complaint and Ron writing Suzannah Troy drops the charges against her attacker... He uses the word attacker. IAB I learned does not know the meaning of the word "coercion". Coercion is a crime, not a policing tool. I will submit Kelly and Campisi's lawyer letter offering to pay for retired Vergona's legal bills - oops- the tax payers pay for NYPD IAB ........... U fill in the word.


i need to know why is the 70 precents officers only target the minority who live on flatbush. they will arrest this young man on illegal tresspass, even if they know a tenant. no first warning just given them paper trail.when is the injustice going to stop.