Free Will Astrology

CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] For years, I've had recurring dreams of finding treasure amidst trash. I interpret this to mean that I should always be alert for the possibility that I might come across beautiful stuff that's mixed in with what has been discarded. Recently, I heard about a literal embodiment of this theme. A sewage treatment plant in Japan announced that it has been culling huge amounts of gold from the scum and slop—so much so that their haul outstrips the yield at the country's top gold mine. I urge you to make this your metaphor of the week, Capricorn. What riches might you be able to pluck out of the dirt and shadows?

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] Should you store up your energyand withhold your full intensity for a more opportune time? Hell, no! Should you await further data before making a definitive conclusion, fantasize dreamily about some more perfect future, and retreat into a self-protective cocoon? Double hell, no! And if thoughts like those have been poking up into your awareness, exorcise them immediately. It is high time for you to grab the best goodies, reveal the whole truth, and employ your ultimate schemes. You are primed to make a big play, call on all the help you've been promised, and transform the "what ifs" into "no doubts."

PISCES [February 19–March 20] In Taio Cruz's mega-hit pop song "Dynamite," he describes how excited he is to go dancing at his favorite nightclub. "I throw my hands up in the air," he exults. "I wanna celebrate and live my life . . . I'm wearin' all my favorite brands." In advising you about the best ways to ride the current cosmic rhythms, Pisces, I'll use Cruz as both a role model and an anti-role model. You should be like him in the sense of being eager to throw your hands up in the air. Right now it's your sacred duty to intensify your commitment to revelry and find every possible excuse to celebrate your life. On the other hand, it's crucial that you don't wear all your favorite brands. To get the full benefits from this time of festive release, you will need, as much as humanly possible, to declare your independence from corporate brainwashing and escape the intelligence-sapping mindset of consumerism.

Homework: What's the situation in your life where it's hardest for you to be loving? Practice being a master of compassion there in the coming week.

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