The Education Emperor Wins, Kids Lose

Black gets promoted from within the mayor's own head

Bloomberg and Klein have succeeded in teaching many of our schoolchildren to fear the police. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly also needs educational remediation.

Lieberman continues: "What steps would you take to make sure that minor disciplinary issues like writing on a desk or wearing a hat in school do not lead to youth having a criminal record? Suspensions are soaring, particularly for black youth and students with special needs. Is that a matter of concern for you?"

It certainly hasn't been for the Education Mayor.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
Courtesy GothamSchools
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Another big question from Lieberman: "How will you promote parent involvement in public education?" Klein had little time or interest in parents' concerns.

And yet another one: "How will you hold charter schools accountable for how they educate at-risk youth, such as English-language learners and those with learning disabilities?" Lieberman asks.

In my next column, what about the persistent "racial gap" in learning under Klein and Bloomberg? This blights the present and future lives of students all over the country—as in this largely segregated school system. It's not segregation by law, but rather by de facto residential segregation and white flight from the city.

But the impact of the racial gap in education is on kids of all colors. That led to Brown v. Board of Education. The Supreme Court has abused that decision, too.

And do tell us, Ms. Black, how you will lower the grim number of dropouts from our schools?

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