FDNY's Black Firefighter Problem

Meet the black candidates who aced the FDNY's supposedly racist entrance exam—and still can't become firefighters

“I’ll be in either way,” Cargin says that he had thought, figuring that whether the city took the highest scorers or by race in a quota, he’d get in. But the city refused to do either.

Asked if he felt any tension with his white classmates, he said, “Not at all. We’re all in this together. To be honest, I feel more tension with the Vulcans.”

The Vulcans, however, support an option that would have allowed Cargin and all of his classmates to be hired. Despite his belief that 6019 was a bad exam, Judge Garaufis did create a pathway for those who had aced it.

Ultimately, it was the city’s decision not to hire them.


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The comments by the members of the Vulcan Society explain why the FDNY is so white.  Its full of multi generation Irish and Italian white families because they hear from their fathers what a great job it is.  The FDNY should get the word out, not punish those that honestly passed


All I can say is they have practice civil service tests at the local library. Perhaps check a book out and "practice the  test ". Not sure why the tests were considered racist. I remember going to Manhattan after my husband took the test, (to get the scores) there was a black man who scored the same as my husband "very high" and he was over the moon about it. Was the test discriminatory against him? I don't get it . If you want something bad enough you work hard "study hard" to get there. Not sure when reading comprehension became a race issue.