New Year's Eve: Eats

Old stand-bys and some new kids on the block

The East's answer to decadence
The East's answer to decadence

Shun Lee
To say that the Chinese are kicking ass these days is an understatement. When Beijing isn’t busy spanking Kim Jong-Il over its knee or withholding the exportation of rare minerals from the rest of the industrialized world, it’s cooking up something mean in the kitchen. Only in New York could this tradition flourish into what it has become at Shun Lee. For the past 30 years, this culinary gem has been successfully evolving, serving its unique approach to multi-regional dishes for loyal patrons and newcomers alike. Anyone who has had the Grand Marnier prawns with honey walnuts knows there is something divine about this Upper West Side establishment—intricate décor and flavor combine in ways you find yourself dreaming about later. And the best part about dining here on New Year’s Eve: The menu is the same as always. If you want funny glasses and noise makers, go somewhere else. These guys aren’t partying for another month. 43 West 65th Street, 212-595-8895,

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