Year in Film: Breakout Performances

Four actors and their very good year

Does celebrity mean anything to you? I feel very fortunate to have my job. I hate when actors complain, because the truth is, we’re pretty damn lucky to be able to create. There are a lot of talented people who don’t get one opportunity, no less all those that I’ve had. But there is an alienation and loneliness that comes with being a performer, like if you’re in a band and on tour all the time. Being an actor is like being a gypsy. There are incredible ons and offs, and what I mean is there’s an immense amount of attention and family when you’re making a movie, and then that ends. You’re left without the rhythm of what the normal folk do. I don’t go to The Village Voice and write a news story. I give it all in my movie, and then when there’s no movie, I’m sitting and waiting. It’s a trying thing, and I understand Johnny completely, I’m tapped into that isolation.

Had you ever before spent time at the Chateau Marmont? When I was 19, I finished a movie called Backbeat, and I was doing my first photo shoot with Bruce Weber at the Chateau. I remember thinking, “This is the coolest place ever.” Around my 21st birthday, I came back from a movie in Europe and checked in here because I didn’t have an apartment. I stayed for six weeks and then my business manager called and said, “Stephen, you can’t really afford to live here forever.” I said, “What do you mean? I just made all this money.” He said, “No, no, you spent it at the Chateau.” To come back years later and have Sofia offer it up for me during the film was the ultimate creative experience. I’d leave my room, walk down one flight of stairs, and enter Johnny’s bed.

Favorite Film of 2010: The Social Network. “I thought that was a cool script, and Andrew Garfield is really talented. I hadn’t seen his work before, and he stood out for me. But my favorite part was Trent Reznor’s fantastic score.”

Ronald Bronstein
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Ronald Bronstein
Hailee Steinfeld
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Hailee Steinfeld


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