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Helmut Newton once declared, “My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse, and entertain.” That all sounds delightful, but doubtless taking the picture also factors in somewhere. If you’d like to learn this skill, The Educational Alliance on East Broadway offers a six-session class designed to answer questions like “What makes a portrait interesting?” and “How can you make your portraits portray more than just the physical presence of a person?”

The penguins, red pandas, and California sea lions are ready for their close-ups. This January, in the wee hours before the Central Park Zoo opens, eager shutterbugs can enter for a wildlife photography class taught by the zoo’s resident snapper, Judith Wolfe. After coffee and scones, students will learn knowledge of animal behavior that can facilitate the best critter photos. Just don’t tell the polar bears to make love to the camera.


For-Profit Blues
'Proprietary' colleges are leaving low-income students without degreesóand a pile of debt.
By Rob Sgobbo

Education Schools Need More On-the-Job Training
Or so teaching-residency advocates say.
By Brenda Iasevoli

Students Breathe Easier as CUNY's Proficiency Exam Bites the Dust
By Michael Rymer

The Rise of Clickers Is Starting to Change How College Professors Run their Classrooms
By Fahmida Y. Rashid

If you’re the sort who’s always leaping up in restaurants to administer the Heimlich maneuver or rushing along the sand to give CPR to imperiled swimmers, you just might consider transforming that hobby into a profession. The John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers spring courses for students eager to number among New York’s bravest, finest, boldest, etc. In addition to preparing future emergency medical technicians for work in fire departments, ambulances, and hospitals, the course work also includes 16 hours of clinical training.

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