Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and the Great Gay-Pander-Off of 2010

Nicki, P!nk, Gaga, and those two other ones taste the rainbow

Aged gays like Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce LaBruce, and Fran Lebowitz have spoken against gay marriage, conceptually suggesting that the binding normality we're now striving for is antithetical to our previous fight for the freedom to be queer and live outside society's ideals. A song won't get you hospital visitation rights or remove inheritance tax, but there is something uncomfortably normalizing, too, in pop music's faddish embrace of gay acceptance. But then again, Eminem himself said this year, in seemingly reluctant support of gay marriage, that "I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want." Perhaps all of us have the right to be coddled into buying pop music, but it's not like we weren't already. These purportedly strong, colorful, beautiful, and popular women who sing over cheerful house derivatives would of course appeal generally to gay men; it's nice to be acknowledged, but any fan-fishing by way of pro-gay gestures is strictly redundant. We're 10 steps ahead of you, girls. Once again, the straight world struggles to catch up.

Ke$ha, wrapping herself in multiple flags
Gomillion & Leupold
Ke$ha, wrapping herself in multiple flags


Katy Perry
(#14 and #27 singles)

Lady Gaga
(tie #27 single)

(tie #47 single)

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