Reveling In Social Anxiety with Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend

The Suburbs and Contra contemplate little pink polos for you and me

The melancholy final moments of Contra are also that album's most moving, but instead of a passionate embrace, "I Think Ur a Contra" is a chilly kiss-off that could've been transcribed from text messages. It's the only logical ending for an album so completely fixated on the instant otherness we create when we fixate on fashion, and the pain that emerges from even the slightest disconnection. "Contra" is a negatively defined word in Vampire Weekend's universe—like "hipster," it's a term that takes all its meaning from what the utterer is not. It's the same impulse responsible for the generic modifier "indie"; it's hip music's very own "Party of 'No.' "

Both Contra and The Suburbs open with songs whose narrators strive to regain a sense of feeling amid the forces—commerce, technology, language—that separate us while promising to pull us together. Arcade Fire succeed through earnest creative toil, while Vampire Weekend find a much more ambivalent fate, one well known to those who tend to overintellectualize. Both succeed in their own ways, however, with coping strategies for us 21st-century moderns: pushing back against the encroaching horde, or luxuriating in its detritus.

VW, haunted by the woman currently suing them
Santiago Felipe
VW, haunted by the woman currently suing them


Arcade Fire
The Suburbs
(#3 album)

Vampire Weekend
(#5 album)

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