Laurel Nakadate, Pickup Artist

It's panties and panting at P.S.1's 'Only the Lonely'

Dirty pictures: Lucky Tiger #1, 2009
Courtesy Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects
Dirty pictures: Lucky Tiger #1, 2009

In the end, it's Nakadate's 2009 photo series Lucky Tiger that lingers. She distributed small photos of herself in pin-up poses to a group of men whose hands were covered with ink, their smudged fingerprints like paw marks over her face, breasts, and thighs. There's nothing naïve here, just raw desire, which, welcomed or spurned, transcendent or violent, remains the singular, irreducible fact of human existence.

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I saw her only the lonely exhibit today, it was the most self indulgent, narcissistic garbage I have seen in quite some time. 356 days of weeping? Gimme a break...


Mmmm. What I'm really curious about is, do all these chicks like Nakadate (what's that, Japanese or something??) actually have any sex? Is it -- would it be -- kinky? Seriously. What makes these works as seeming pretentious as apparently provocative is the fact that they seem to "talk" about sex/sexuality so knowingly -- when we all know that the only way to know anything about sex is to do it! So, anyway...did/does she actually put out or not?? That's really the only thing anyone needs to know.