'The Either/Orchestra 25th Anniversary'

The New York edition of this dependably marvelous Boston big band's 25th anniversary celebration augments their formidable lineup with keyboardist John Medeski, trombonist Josh Roseman, bassist Mike Rivard, and Ethiopian singer-keyboardist Teshome Mitiku. The sophisticated and thoroughly entertaining ensemble's deep book includes music inspired by an Ethiopian field trip, high-falutin' fun such as "There's a Bus That's Leaving Soon For Alban Berg's House," Sun Ra-vian collective improvisations, and standards by Ellington, Monk, and Bobbie Gentry.
Fri., Feb. 11, 6 p.m., 2011
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Russ Gershon
Russ Gershon

whoops - forgot to list Teshome Mitiku, who will sing his classic Yezamed Yebada and a new version of Ambassel we wrote last summer

Russ Gershon
Russ Gershon

Thanks for the Choice!

There will actually be 27 musicians in total, not only the four mentioned guests. Here's the complete lineup:

The Either/Orchestra: Tom Halter, Dan Rosenthal—trumpets; Joel Yennior—trombone; Hailey Niswanger, Russ Gershon, Charlie Kohlhase—reeds; Rafael Alcala—piano and keys; Rick McLaughlin—bass; Pablo Bencid—drums.

Alumni guests: John Carlson—trumpet; Josh Roseman, Curtis Hasselbring, Dan Fox, Russell Jewell—trombones; Douglas Yates, Jeremy Udden, Henry Cook, Godwin Louis—reeds, flute; John Dirac—guitar; John Medeski, Dan Kaufman—piano, organ; Mike Rivard, Bob Nieske—bass; Jerome Deupree, Matt Wilson, Harvey Wirht—drums.

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