A "Star Trek" Alien Lives in Flatbush

Indie filmmakers Kasia Kowalczyk and Tal Harris make shit awesome

We are in the one that prevailed. "Everybody told us about Williamsburg and Bushwick," says Kasia. "We kind of went there and were like, ‘Everybody here is 20. There's rats in the lofts. I'm not feeling this."

"But literally nobody was talking about this neighborhood at all," adds Tal. "It's quiet, it's nice. And the prices were good."

"It also felt ethnically and age diverse," offers Kasia, who was born in Poland.

Kasia as the “nanny ghost” in One Missed Call
A scene from Tal and Kasia's 2006 production, The Bread Squeezer
A scene from Tal and Kasia's 2006 production, The Bread Squeezer

"Kasia jokes that we're like an old gay couple, because we do like things a little sleepier," says Tal, a 44-year-old who bears a resemblence to Crispin Glover. "And this neighborhood is definitely sleepy."

Not their place, which is a study in anthropomorphism. When bunny slippers are misplaced, they're not lost, they "went off on an adventure in the house somewhere." Packages aren't just vessels. "I really hate when boxes are really simple in the mail," Kasia says. "I just drew this winter scene of deer for my friend and they're all farting in the woods. But then I was like, ‘What if the post office decides that they're gonna keep this?'" Even a handwritten To Do list posted on the foyer door mixes the mundane ("Transfer photos to computer," "Clean apt," etc.) with the fantastical ("Order eyes online" and without explanation, "Puppets").

In the bedroom, a woodland silouhette is painted over the closet doors. "We did this so that when children come over, they get locked in and can't find their way out," kids Kasia, who sort of surprisingly doesn't particularly like, or want to have, babies. As for the framed Mona Lisa with animal ears on another wall, Kasia first started wearing cat ears after a bad haircut, but now when the filmmaker couple goes to festivals, she brings them so Tal can always find her. And all the heart-shaped foil balloons floating around the room? Well, Kasia swears they're not just for show. "We always have heart balloons in the house, somewhere," she insists—they're a subtle mood-lifter.

On a dresser, there's a framed illustration of a single sperm. "Kasia loves sperm," Tal reports. "It's funny for someone who doesn't want kids."

"I just think the idea of sperm is really, just adorable."

"Dear, where's your glass sperm?"

"I did get glass sperm," Kasia giggles. "Do you want to see my penis lamp?"

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