Carrie Brownstein, Renaissance Grrl

Life after Sleater-Kinney includes a comedy sideline and a new not-supergroup

It would be unfair to go into deep critical analysis of a new band based on shaky YouTube bootlegs, so let's just briefly note that WILD FLAG songs like "Future Crime" and "Arabesque" showcase an appealing blend of hard-driving rhythms, Mysterian keyboard wooshes, and overlapping gang vocals. After a run of shows this spring, they plan to record their debut album live in the studio ("We're not going to obsess over overdubs or anything like that") with producer Chris Woodhouse, with an eye toward releasing it this August on Merge Records. Sleater-Kinney remain close friends, by the way, but Corin Tucker's appearance on Portlandia is the closest that fans will get to a reunion for a while. "I definitely feel like that is in our future," Brownstein says. "But it's not even in the realm of possibility right now."

She's moved on. You should, too. "We're touring a bunch, and if people show up because they like Sleater-Kinney, we'll weed them out," Brownstein concludes. "We want people to come to our shows because they like WILD FLAG."

WILD FLAG, ready to prove something (Carrie's on the far right).
John Clark
WILD FLAG, ready to prove something (Carrie's on the far right).

Location Info


The Rock Shop

249 Fourth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Category: Music Venues

Region: Park Slope

WILD FLAG play the Rock Shop on March 5, and Radio City Music Hall, along with Superchunk and Bright Eyes, on March 8 and 9

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