NYC's Ten Worst Tenants

We hope you don't live next to these people

Last January, she was charged with theft of federal government funds and five counts of making false statements. Authorities say she had stolen about $36,000 in benefits.

Sialeu doesn't even come close to holding the record for the longest-running scam. Among other alleged schemers, Joan J. Johnson defrauded the Housing Authority for 20 years, officials say.

Instead of living in her apartment in a public housing complex on the Lower East Side, she was actually the shareholder of a co-op on 121st Street. Meanwhile, she had moved friends and family into her public-housing apartment. Johnson was finally busted last May.

Beauty (1 Christopher Street) and the beastly apartment (below).
Harry Seward
Beauty (1 Christopher Street) and the beastly apartment (below).
Courtesy Fox 5

The Fake Landlord

On the surface, Enercida Garcia seemed to be a success story: She was a former Section 8 tenant who had become a landlord. But as a landlord, she wouldn't be allowed to continue receiving rent subsidies. She didn't like that idea.

City officials say she had her son, Victor, pose as a tenant in order to maintain the subsidies. Then she concealed from officials her ownership of the house.

In May 2002, Victor Garcia purchased a house at 70 Glen Street in Brooklyn. He applied to the state to become a landlord that could rent to tenants who receive Section 8 subsidies. He then rented to his mom, Enercida Garcia, and told authorities that the two were not related. Enercida lived in the Glen Street building with her other son, Joel Garcia. Then, in 2004, Victor transferred the title of the Glen Street house to his mom. Two years later, his mom applied for an apartment in public housing, telling authorities that she did not own nor did she have any interest in owning real estate.

An investigator from the city's Department of Investigation reviewed Victor Garcia's marriage license and found that Enercida was his mother. The investigator then cross-checked Enercida's name with Joel's birth certificate and, bingo! We have a match!

In May 2010, Enercida and Victor Garcia were accused of fraud. They have pled not guilty.

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