Penguin Prison's Sylvan Terrace Home: Like Boardwalk Empire Without the Whores

A $1900/month rowhouse in Washington Heights

Girl Talk shows are far more dance party than performance, the sorts of crowd-detonating blitzkriegs in which everyone gets hit with more ass than a toilet seat. “Kids there just want to dance and get drunk. They don’t even care if there’s sound,” Glover admits. The Charleston, South Carolina, date earlier this year drew “the rowdiest crowd I’ve ever played to—they were just going crazy.” That isn’t at all indicative of his home life, he swears, even though there’s a pyramid of Knob Creek bourbon bottles downstairs in the kitchen. It’s his girlfriend’s birthday on Friday, they’re having a party, and they’ll be serving Manhattans along with a drink in honor of their home: the Sylvan, a concoction of vodka, lime, elderflower, and cucumber.

The only drawback of living so far uptown, Glover admits, is that Washington Heights is far away from where his friends live. “You kind of end up not going out that much and just staying in,” he concedes, more of an acknowledgment than a complaint. “People joke when they’re coming here, ‘Oh, I’m going upstate! Oh, I gotta get on a plane, catch a flight, to go visit Chris.’” What do people say when they finally make it up here? “Wow, you have so much space.”

Boardwalk Empire shot here
Paul Quitoriano
Boardwalk Empire shot here
The famous BeeGees Rhythm Machine
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