LCD Soundsystem, Remembered

Cool but never cold, funny but never ironic, a great New  York band bids adieu

Back in 2002, when this all was still a Murphy solo project (though fleshed out, then as now, with a backing band), he played an early show at the Bowery Ballroom. He was but a grace note to the Rapture, the evening's main draw. And yes, I was there, hanging back by the bar, a witness to a handful of discordant songs emanating from a stage full of wire-tangled gear. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly memorable, either. But a little over four years later, they were back on that same stage, this time as headliners. They had recently released their epic sophomore full-length, Sound of Silver, and they played one of the most powerful sets I've ever seen on any stage. When Murphy sang "Someone Great," which is, loosely, a song about loss, I flashed back to all the things and people I missed so much in my great city, and I cried. There were ghosts in the crowd that night, but all of my friends were there, too, and in the end, that made everything all right.

Can stop the music.
Can stop the music.

Location Info


Madison Square Garden

Seventh Ave. & 32nd St.
New York, NY 10001

Category: Music Venues

Region: Chelsea

LCD Soundsystem play Madison Square Garden April 2 and Terminal 5 March 28 through 31

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