Shopping with Kelly Framel, the Blogger Behind The Glamourai

She shops Brooklyn, rejects suitor

White shakes her head at her boss’s concern that the camera will add unwanted pounds: “She’s, like, literally tiny.”

“But it’s a whole other thing to be on TV!” Framel counters.

She puts the skirt back and, after trying on a khaki Steven Alan blazer for $385 that she adds to her “maybe” list, moves on to the jewelry shop Catbird (219 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-599-3457). She slips a delicate ring by Lauren Wolf on her finger and admires it. “I’ve been wearing big jewelry for so many years, but now I just want simple things,” she says.

That is, until the shopkeeper brings up a box from the basement containing the shop’s latest acquisition: perhaps the biggest, gaudiest necklaces Framel has ever seen, made of colorful ribbons, agate, and glass from Turkmenistan. She throws two around her neck. “These are so Iris Apfel!” she says, referring to the eccentric octogenarian and Framel’s “ultimate fashion idol.”

“Can I get this one?”

“Of course!” the shopkeeper says.

“Do you need me to take it off?” she asks.

“No, not at all.”

“Sold!” Framel says and hands over her credit card. “So much for my simplistic urges,” she laughs. “I gave that up pretty quick.”

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