SAGITTARIUS [November 22–December 21] This week will be a time when you might want to get a hold of a toy you loved when you were a kid, and actually play with it again; a time when you could speak so articulately about an idea you're passionate about that you will change the mind of someone who has a different belief; a time when you may go off on an adventure you feared you would regret but then it turns out later that you don't regret it; a time when you might pick out a group of stars in the sky that form the shape of a symbol that's important to you, and give this new constellation a name; and a time when you could make love with such utter abandon that your mutual pleasure will stay with you both for several days.

CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] The Norwegian film Twigson is about a boy who feels so friendless and isolated that he seeks companionship with a talking twig. In the coming weeks, I encourage you to be equally as proactive in addressing the strains of your own loneliness. I'm not implying that you are lonelier or will be lonelier than the rest of us; I'm just saying that it's an excellent time for taking aggressive action to soothe the ache. So reach out, Capricorn. Be humbly confident as you try to make deeper contact.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] During one of 2010's Mercury retrograde phases, astrologer Evelyn Roberts wrote on her Facebook page that she was doing lots of things you're "not supposed to do" during a Mercury retrograde: buying a new computer, planning trips, making contracts, signing documents. Why? She said she always rebels like that, maybe because of her quirky Aquarian nature. More importantly, she does it because what usually works best for her is to pay close attention to what's actually going on rather than getting lost in fearful fantasies about what influence a planet may or may not have. During the current Mercury retrograde, Aquarius, I recommend her approach to you.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] Damon Bruce is a San Francisco sports talk show host I listen to now and then. He told a story about being at a bar and seeing a guy with a tattoo of a life-size dollar bill on the back of his shaved head. Bruce was incredulous. Why burn an image of the lowest-denomination bill into your flesh? If you're going to all that trouble, shouldn't you inscribe a more ambitious icon, like a $100 bill? My sentiments exactly, Pisces. Now apply this lesson to your own life.

Homework: Compose a sincere prayer in which you ask for something you think you're not supposed to. Testify at

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