Emasculated Bird Can't Get It Up in Animated Yawner Rio


Directed by Carlos Saldanha
Opens April 15

Parrot sex is the narrative impetus of Rio, and yet there’s still little spark to this animated tale of a domesticated Minnesota macaw named Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) who’s reluctantly taken to Brazil by his clingy owner, Linda (Leslie Mann), in order to mate with the last of his kind, tough beauty Jewel (Anne Hathaway). Greedy smugglers, a gang of thieving monkeys, the impending chaos of Carnival, and the initial incompatibility of Jewel’s confidence and Blu’s neurosis—epitomized by his inexplicable inability to fly—all conspire to frustrate the duo’s fated coupling. More exasperating, however, is the conventionality of this ornithological odyssey, which, like Blu, is unwilling to leave its comfort zone and take daring flight. Rather, director Carlos Saldanha delivers only kids'-film-certified staples, from slapsticky set pieces and wisecracking sidekicks to a supplementary human romance and a nasty villain in white cockatoo Nigel (Jemaine Clement). Though mercifully light on pop-culture references, the movie is leaden in terms of comedic momentum; while the animation has bounce and kaleidoscopic colorfulness, its character models are as run-of-the-mill as the sporadic musical numbers are superfluous. Too timid to be either inspired or outrageously inept, Rio is merely a bird of a familiar feather.

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NS is right, this is milquetoast


The people who've commented are so damn stupid I can't believe they can remember to breathe.

Ashleigh - just because a movie is meant for kids doesn't mean it can't be interesting and have well-written characters.

Hilton - "he collapsed his own experience of life itself with the film" ??? What does that mean? I mean, seriously. You sound mentally ill.

Now stop insulting the dude just because he doesn't like the movie.


It's meant for kids... it isn't supposed to be anything but tame you idiot. You suck at reviewing.


Being a film critic is not an easy, you have to distinguish your experience watching a film with your own perception of life. In Mr Schager's review of Rio he collapsed his own experience of life itself with the film. In any case, I just decided to step up and made a comment here on Mr Schager's superior wisdom and relatedness on being a bird, his comment: "inexplicable inability to fly" can go without saying: Yes Nick, pet birds fear flying, but even being in cage they seem to have more fun living than you (come on!.)


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