Prodigy Speaks Freely

The Mobb Deep MC is out of jail and ready to look back on his life

Prodigy is eager to get back in the swing of things after losing three years to what many believe was unlawful profiling by an NYPD task force known as the Hip-Hop Cops. Lil Wayne, whose account of his arrest and interrogation by the NYPD in 2007 was eerily similar to Prodigy's, spent eight months in Rikers Island last year for gun possession; Ja Rule, arrested in his car on the same night as Lil Wayne, is scheduled to begin serving two years for gun possession in June.

So as to not tempt fate and break his parole restrictions, Prodigy spent his first few weeks of freedom recording new music and the My Infamous Life audiobook. Reading aloud, his Mid-State ID card stashed in his pants pocket, he arrives at a courtroom scene that exposes a fellow Queens rapper as a snitch and pauses, aware that his book is likely to stir up controversy and revive a few ghosts of hip-hop's past. "Whoever gets mad needs to be mad at the person in the mirror," he says. "I can't help it if what they do just so happens to be a part of my life story."

Mobb Deep, in the old days: Prodigy (below) and Havoc
Courtesy Prodigy
Mobb Deep, in the old days: Prodigy (below) and Havoc

Prodigy speaks on April 20 at powerHouse Arena and on May 5 at Seaburn Bookstore

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