Slaughterhouse Hit the Crossover Road

Can Eminem help this quartet bridge the underground/mainstream divide?

Slaughterhouse (left to right): Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9", Joe Budden, Crooked I
Chad Griffith
Slaughterhouse (left to right): Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9", Joe Budden, Crooked I

The Eminem Show may be promoted with a large dose of sensationalism, but the rapper's foundation is precise rhymes. It's this clued-up, grassroots faction of Eminem's fan base that Slaughterhouse are targeting. As Crooked I says, "Eminem has true fans who will buy an album, not just download a single. He's developed fans that are loyal to him—I'm sure some of them are willing to give us a listen because he said so." If he's right, that branch of Eminem's army might be supportive enough to prevent Royce from following through with his threat.

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this one could actually work out - em has the type of fanatics for fans who will buy anything he puts his name for. nice ending for the guys if they do get to blow up - though i dont see them exactly being pop hits, but i guess that's not the point, right?


Masta Ace did the whole "Slaughtahouse" thing, what like 20 years ago? He was actually parodying too-hard-for-the-universe rappers. A sense of humor these guys seem to be lacking.

Graham Conselyea
Graham Conselyea

"Feverishly worshipped" is nonsense Philip. A ** few ** battle rap nerds give a shit; nobody else does or should.

The Voice should have done a Joell Ortiz article three-four years ago when he seemed like a comer. His first album is pretty good for its era but he's been near worthless since, and has one of the most irritating voices in hip-hop. Dude beefing with local hip-hop promoters, his labels etc etc... Yeah, it's everyone's fault but his.

Forget about Dre, Joell needs to get a GRE and move on with life because he's not a writer nor an entertainer. That's ** fine ** but stop bitching about neglect-- he's gotten more attention than he deserve already.

As for other three clowns, PLEASE. Keep fightin' the internets Royce, you still got a puncher's chance!

Howard Tibbs III
Howard Tibbs III

Have you really listened to any of their music? If you have, you would understand how and why they have a strong following (angsty teens to hip-hop heads). Budden is the only clown in the group and he can still melt the skin off most MCs with his skills. My only concern is that they all suffer from poor song design and could use some much needed help from Em and even a long time rival of Budden, Curtis "50 Cent". The group is a collective up fuck ups that need direction and kicks in the ass to make sure they complete projects in a timely manner because they are used to the mixtape scene.


slaughterhouse would rip your favorite rappers ass, no doubt. yeah, they need that 'song design' but they can rap better than your lil b fantasy of having him in a bathtub while you watch the tv show friends.

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