Kelly McGillis on Coming Out, Shame, Religion, and Vampires

Not in the habit of playing a nun, but this is a horror flick

Me: I don't even have a pet.

McGillis: Now I feel really sad for you.

Me: I do have a potted plant.

McGillis: Apocalypse now
Glass Eye Pix
McGillis: Apocalypse now

McGillis: That's something! [Laughs.]

Me: Why do you think vampires are so hot and sexy right now?

McGillis: I have no idea. I've never seen a vampire movie. No, wait, I have seen the Twilight movies, but those are sexy because the people in them are sexy. I don't think it's about being a vampire.

Me: Maybe it's the eternal-life thing.

McGillis: That would be exceedingly exhausting. I wouldn't have the fashion accessories for it!

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