The Mötley Crüe bassist releases second book

 Nikki Sixx, the tatted-up bassist of Mötley Crüe who has inspired many a YouTube video on how to achieve his perfectly teased mop of hair, has a new book, This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography, and Life Through the Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx. Author of The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, Sixx has apparently turned to photography to help him heal from all of those drug-and-alcohol-fueled years of hard partying and Playboy Playmates. The book shifts from a photo journal to a personal journal (full of bits of advice he calls “Sixxisms”), featuring about 150 portraits, all taken by Sixx, of amputees, drug addicts, prostitutes, and the homeless, as a tribute to misfits and outcasts everywhere. Take your photo with him tonight at this signing.
Tue., May 3, 7 p.m., 2011
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Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet
Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

This Is Gonna Hurt by Nikki Sixx is a bitter sweet trip through the dark room.The photography is stark in the sense of a single light bulb unadorned by a shade. It burns a hole in your retina. They have not invited us into their world. Instead, they are, firmly, planted in ours, demanding we take them on their terms, unflinching and unapologetic. Perhaps it is we, who are the fingerprints on the lens, to be wiped away with a tissue. Very glad I bought this.

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

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