Gustav Metzger: Bad News Bearer

At e-flux, a veteran political artist finally gets his first New York solo show

Meanwhile, back in the e-flux basement, you can mine local newspapers and contribute to the current conversation on credit, extinction, and the way we live now. Within the first week, people had put up articles about Ai Weiwei, the Chinese activist-dissident artist being held by the Chinese government—interestingly, within this context, for "economic crimes"; an obituary of Hedda Sterne, the only woman included in The Irascibles, a famous photograph of Abstract Expressionist painters published in 1950 in Life; and an article about U by Kotex Tween, a new sanitary pad marketed for girls eight to 12 years old.

No art strike here
Courtesy e-flux
No art strike here


Gustav Metzger
41 Essex Street
Through July 30

The project will shift and change over time, obviously. Events will become news, and on the magnetic board in the basement, a collective creative response will be generated. Then, perhaps you'll get an e-flux e-mail like one I received recently for an upcoming symposium in Madrid where "immaterial producers" (that is, artists and critics) will consider new modes of "performing citizenship"—and you might be inclined to read that through a consciousness newly calibrated by Metzger's work, as well.

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