Capturing inner beauty one hair strand at a time

Artist Jenny Morgan takes the art of portraits to a level that is humorous, disturbing, and moving all at once. Her 2009 show Abrasions at Like the Spice gallery featured lifelike oil paintings of men and women (many of them nude) but with patches of skin scratched away to reveal blood and bone underneath. Morgan, who worked in Marilyn Minter's studio after graduating from SVA, has contributed pieces to New York magazine and, recently, a portrait of Julian Assange to The New York Times Magazine, which brought her a slew of new collectors. Her latest show, One and the Many, is an array of portraits that aim to capture the spiritual core of her subjects—a job made somewhat easier due to the fact that she knows them all intimately. Said Morgan: "Working with people from my own life as subject matter allows me to hone in on specifics of their character and present their personalities as I experience them." Opening reception May 13 at 6:30 p.m.
May 13-June 19, 2011
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"Jenny Morgan - Self Portrait" is the first video composition of the acclaimed young painter from New York City. Morgan discusses the more intimate details of several of her most compelling paintings of the last 4 years, works that have defined her as one of the top emerging talents in the US. Known for her exquisite and revealing self portraits as well as her interpretations of other people in her life, Morgan's body of work redefines the genre of contemporary portraiture.

Filmed in August, 2011 at the end of her summer residency in Denver, Colorado. Directed by Plus Gallery owner Ivar Zeile and assistant Ryan Pattie. Composition and editing by Ryan Pattie.


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