An early look at 2012

Has your life been taken over by presidential election fever? Well, that fever won't be breaking any time soon. After all, it's still only 2011. We've got a year and half of campaigning, punditry, and surprise "targeted operations" that nab long-wanted terrorists, before our country's future will be decided. Never one to come late to a party, satirist Andy Borowitz kicks off the party at Countdown to Election '12: Only 538 Days Left. Borowitz is joined by a top-notch panel, including comic Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm), New Yorker columnist Hendrik Hertzberg, and Calvin Trillin, for a very early assessment of the presidential playing field. The discussion will be followed by a mixer.
Wed., May 18, 8 p.m., 2011
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