Harry Shearer's The Big Uneasy: How N.O. Got So F'd Up


The Big Uneasy
Directed by Harry Shearer
Opens May 20, Cinema Village

Written and directed by New Orleans resident Harry Shearer, The Big Uneasy illustrates in detail what many folks intuited or pieced together from news reports and other documentaries—that the disastrous, deadly effects of Hurricane Katrina were not a result of “a natural disaster” but an unnatural, man-made one. Armed with volumes of data from talking heads (civil engineers, ecologists, historians, and reporters), Shearer’s documentary is a scathing indictment of the Army Corps—not only its staggering incompetence but also the scope of its power to sabotage outside investigators and steamroll dissenting voices. But it’s not just the Army Corps that the film prosecutes. Ecologists and environmentalists weigh in on how corporate greed and shortsightedness from decades ago to today have led to devastating losses of the wetlands, which are nature’s own defense against the destruction of hurricanes. The barrage of grim, infuriating information is broken up by man-on-the-street interviews of New Orleans residents who deftly dismantle misconceptions that have sprung up about the city and its citizens in the wake of the hurricane. Shearer builds an airtight case to prove his thesis, and one of his most chilling arguments is a roll call of brave souls whose lives and careers have been systematically wrecked in pursuit of the truth.

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Our group is one of the dissenting voices that the Corps of Engineers attempted, unsuccessfully, to steamroll.

I also wish to add that thirty-two days after the BP oil spill, President Obama signed an executive order for a bipartisan national commission to investigate the disaster to make certain it never happens again. There was a similar immediate commission for the 9/11 terrorist attack master-minded by Osama Bin Laden.

But after five and a half years, there is still no comparable investigation, ordered by Congress or the White House, of the levee protection failures that drowned metro New Orleans and killed over 1,500 people.

Sandy Rosenthal, founder of Levees.org


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