“Any generation, when they see the next generation pick up the things that they worked so hard to create and find, I guess I do understand how you could feel put off by that and end up living your life stuck in the past musically,” Leo says. “What you also have to understand is that’s the cyclical nature of youth culture in general. There are always poseurs, and there are always true believers.”

Band chronicles a time when conventional wisdom believed that rock music had already peaked during the adolescence of the then-ascendant baby-boomer generation; new bands couldn’t compete with the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The Replacements’ answer to this was to name their best album Let It Be. This attitude wasn’t limited to the boomer generation, though; Azerrad believes that the current nostalgia for ’90s indie acts (like, among others, Nirvana) is eerily similar to the dismissals of 25 years ago. This show serves as his retort to that attitude.

“I think if you think music sucks right now, in the deepest sense you are old. I think this is one of the greatest periods of music in my lifetime,” he says. “I was alive when the British Invasion happened, psychedelic rock, disco, post-punk. I’ve been alive during many times, and I think this is one of those watershed periods. I think another point of this concert is to celebrate that.

Wye Oak
Courtesy WyeOakMusic
Wye Oak

“Think of that lineup. It’s just sick.”

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