Kate Bush's Rework

The singer streamlines her back catalog on Director's Cut

Kate Bush: A new approach to her old songs (and a kitty).
Courtesy Fish People
Kate Bush: A new approach to her old songs (and a kitty).

There’s always been a “genius at work” element to Bush’s music, but the work part is particularly palpable on Director’s Cut. Bush doing Bush has resulted in her most navel-gazing album to date, but if anyone has earned the right to pat her own back, it’s the notoriously spotlight-shy Kate. Besides, it’s good business. How does a veteran artist like Kate Bush fashion an album so that it’s relevant to our time? By making it all about herself. 

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Richard Spatafora
Richard Spatafora

Worth evaluating for any Kate Bush fans out there. I love it. While I'm looking forward to all-new material, I'll take Kate covering Kate for now. Lots of goosebumpy moments. (one or two of these admittedly not for good reasons, but 99% of them are thoroughly the good kind.)

Ed Kollin
Ed Kollin

A lot of her music and videos are weirdly breathtaking and sends chills down my spine but I am not one of those Bush fans that salivate at every song like an Apple fan at a product opening. , She does material I don't care for (probably because I don't understand the brilliant things she is doing). But she is never boring. This project is again unpredictability fascinating where first impressions are usually wrong.

Ed Kollin
Ed Kollin

Correction: "She does some material I don't care for". My original statement falsely implied in general I don't like her material which is furthest from the truth

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