Why Do Mexicans Come to This Country Illegally Instead of Legally?

And how can we finally secure our border with Mexico?

Dear Mexican: There are many who give lip service to border security. You may or may not be one of them. You may be an open-borders advocate. But for the moment, put on your secure-borders hat and tell us how you would secure the borders if your job depended on its success. Is it possible to secure the borders if we abandon internal enforcement and grant yet another amnesty? —Wally Wallbanger

Dear Gabacho: Your question assumes there’s a need to secure borders, when really we just need to legalize drugs and people, and our “problem” vanishes; after that, we can concentrate on preventing actual threats from entering this country instead of perceived ones. But I’ll play your juego: How would I secure American borders? Easy: American jobs for Americans only. Create an insular, xenophobic economy that keeps away all foreign labor and wants nothing to do with foreign investors. In other words, adopt the Mexican model—and look how far that got them.

I was recently having a heated discussion with a Republican friend of mine about illegal immigration. She seemed to think that it’s fairly easy for Mexicans to immigrate legally to the United States (“Basically, it's just a background check and a history test,” she said). If this is the case, why do so many Mexicans immigrate illegally? My Republican friend thinks they just don't want to pay taxes, and they want to get all our social services for free. I think the issue is more complex than that, but I didn't really know what to say in response. Any thoughts? —A Curious Democrat

Mark Dancey

Dear Gabacho: Your friend is proof of how tontos Republicans are when it comes to the issue of immigration. If migrating legally to the United States was as easy as your amiga insists, you think Mexicans would pay thousands of dollars in smuggling fees and subject themselves to the terrorizing whims of coyotes when the legal way sets you back, after attorney fees and everything, a couple thousand dollars? If illegal immigrants didn’t want to pay taxes, then why do so many assume fake Social Security numbers that ensures payroll and Social Security taxes get pulled, the latter of which they’ll never get back? If illegal Mexis wanted to live high on the government queso, then why do you see so many of them selling flowers and strawberries on street corners? Tell your amiga that legal immigration takes years—years that poor people can’t afford to waste in poverty when a risky trip will do the trick—and that she needs to become libertarian and learn true conservative principles instead of the snake-oil pendejadas currently offered by her party.

GOOD MEXICAN OF THE WEEK: Los Tigres del Norte need no real introduction, but this one’s for the gabachos: Imagine the Beatles combined with the Rolling Stones, mix in some Clash and Bill Monroe, and you still won’t come close to describing the influence, innovative technique, and all-around talent these masters of the conjunto norteño genre (the Mexican music with accordions, not the one with tubas) have had on Mexican regional music for over 40 years. Their latest album, MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte & Friends, has the group performing some of their masterpieces and even features a duet with Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha. Do yourself a favor and buy this album as a primer—then work backward through a catalog that would make Bob Dylan seem as prolific as Blind Faith.

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Our forefathers paved the way to open borders to Europe , with rules & regulations to protect  the US  & it's people.  Great grand parents of the elderly are here because of them that worked & struggled did without so much & thanked the US by becoming  citizens. I image life here was a big improvement compared to their home lands . They had to be tuff & if  there were a way to get here illegally  I don't think they would take it.. There  doesn't seem to be a sure  fire answer to the whole problem but with the sure chance of dying by the 3 rd. day the advise  "go home" is the makes sense. You can't run away from a life that is hard & miserable by subjecting yourself & your family but sneaking here at the risk of not making it.  { small children don't stand a chance} It is not the fast fix their looking for. I'm sure they hear how wonderful  & easy it is here & all the good parts  of citizenship. How about the expectant mothers that manage to get here to have their baby then if they are caught every body says it's cruel.. Blame the parents who are making all these bad decisions' . & looking for shortcuts. I feel for them because I'm human as they are ,but this is not the way to go. We do have rules & regulations. If you do not live by them your deported as the many who came here & tried to ignore them.     I send this after reading the answers offered for why the Mexicans don't come here legally. Thanks for the chance to discus this. Mamma-t .  


Hey Gustavo,

How about doing the OBVIOUS and STOP HAVING SO MANY KIDS, when you can't afford them?

How about the Mexican government educating their citizens on the value of BIRTH CONTROL? What a thought, ha?!

And while they're at it, why doesn't the Mexican government open the eyes of the 'rancheritos' to how the Catholic church has manipulated their communities for a number of centuries, teaching them lies and superstitions?

Look at the root of the problems Gus and stop blaming the gabachos for your troubles.


Plant land mines along the border. Blow a few up, they will stop.


Gustavo; This is the problem i have with most Libertarians There is always a price for real FREEDOM ! But going through the proper LEGAL process for becoming a citizen makes one understand and appreciate what it means to be a citizen I suggest reading The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand She ws kind of the Thomas Paine of the modern era.I describe it as like giving a child a car VS. having tha child work for one. On average that car will get wrecked from irresponsible behavior and the child says Oh well i'll be given another then the one who worked for it they tend to take care of it drive more careful fix it when it breaks and so on.It is the same with citzenship, When one works for it, the price paid makes it of greater value and appreciated more

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