Red Tape: The Bureaucracy of Hunting Trolls in Trollhunter


Directed by Andr vredal
Magnet Releasing
Opens June 10

Alleged to be compiled of found college-project footage from a group of missing students, Trollhunter begins as an investigative report by aspiring Norwegian Michael Moores, trailing RV-driving loner Hans (Otto Jespersen). Suspected of bear poaching, Hans is revealed instead to be the field agent in a government conspiracy to cover up the existence of very real, very large trolls. Unlike the recent Last Exorcism, which managed to energize the weary horror mock-doc conceit through sustained uncertainty, Trollhunter dispenses with skepticism as a suspense element—trolls are spotted early, nakedly viewed. In place is the film’s (one) joke: draining the magic and thrill out of trollhunting. Social Democratic bureaucracy, paperwork, and systemized corruption have bogged down even Hans’s seemingly adventuresome government job, which he discusses with a Dirty Jobs air of bored expertise. The result of this intentional banalization, perhaps not unexpectedly, is that Trollhunter is often a dull movie, with Jespersen’s deadpan and the interference of an incompetent front-office type (Robert Stoltenberg) providing what comedy there is. The panicked, jittery-camera action scenes work well enough, and one sees much scenery and learns a great deal about the habits of trolls—though as de-mythologizings go, Trollhunter has neither the wit, nor art, nor social insight to honor the legacy of George A. Romero’s Martin.

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Yet another review by this wanna be critic. If you read this review in it's entirety, I am sorry for that time you'll never get back. This guy is way off in his assessment of this great movie. I think he should stick to films that require a very, very small attention span. It's like reading a review by a goldfish.

Hans Hansen
Hans Hansen

What has this movie to do with Martin, a film about a man who think he is a vampire? Not one thing, so you got that right. And there is more than one joke in the movie. Like the one about the fact that trolls smells you when you are cristian, but does it smell you when you are a muslim. Maybe you should sit down an understand the folklore before you judge the story?


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