Terrorist or Activist? Daniel McGowan and the ELF in If a Tree Falls

T.J. Watt


If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front
Directed by Marshall Curry
Oscilloscope Laboratories
Opens June 22, IFC Center

A true-life outlaw tale as stirring as it is tragic, the story of the Earth Liberation Front offers a DeLillo-flavored draught of high-proof righteous excitement. You can hear the pitch—young, fiery 21st-century hipsters living double lives, burning down corporate buildings to protest environmental exploitation, leading to their own doom—and I should write this book right now. Marshall Curry’s new doc limning the monkeywrenchers’ career takes us through reams of fascinating drama, from the first heroic forest-saving protests to the reactive police violence and resulting dead-of-night firebombs to the core group’s implosion after the FBI tightens the net. The focus is on Brooklyn-born hyper-ecologist Daniel McGowan, who spends most of the film on house arrest, waiting for a potential life sentence, and that’s too bad—with a head-spinning tangle of ethical questions and political razor wire to deal with (without a single injury, are the ELF proper terrorists? Must violent protest be effective to be right? Does property damage discourage capitalistic greed or just cost consumers?), Curry settles for McGowan’s dread of prison and how boo-hoo-sad everyone he knows is. Curry’s previous film, Street Fight, similarly avoided political blood and bone; another, more Battle of Algiers–ish movie waits to be made.

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Annette Annets
Annette Annets

I agree with all you tried to do, god bless you man. this world will never learn, when there is no planet left people will wonder why, can they not see the distrution to this planet. also can man not see the people in this world is fucking up everything, We are breeding to many to many people, there is not enough space or resorces, land is going, animals are going, no room to grow food, what the fuck are we doing? My thoughts are with you all the way. Dec 21st is fast aproching, god help us all god be with you always very soon the world will be saying Whoops, what went wrongLove you man, look after yourself love for ever x


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