Beyonce's Odes to Joy

Restored and ready, the singer writes love songs to her life on 4

Beyoncé: More than happy to run the world
Elka von Unwerth
Beyoncé: More than happy to run the world

But then she's a tricky one; a few gasps before she assumes de facto world domination, she talks about her place on earth in the most uncertain of terms: "I Was Here" finds her longing to "leave my mark so everyone will know I was here," as if she hadn't already accomplished that a decade ago. The way her voice gnaws at this song till it bleeds might make you wonder if her joy comes from within or if it's dependent on approval from without. But this question only comes up in the fleeting moments that her joy isn't overwhelming your senses, rendering the distinction irrelevant.

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Rahiq Syed
Rahiq Syed

Stankyoncé (aka Camel Toes) and her husband, Jay-Z (aka Camel Nose) are entirely overrated. People are growing tired of these two and their 15 minutes is beginning to fade. You also have to question Stankyoncé's desire to show beef curtains during every performance. Cover the vag please!



Beyonce said she had a lot of influences while making this album and it definitely shows in ways her other albums didn't. I can hear Prince, Michael, Mary, Adele, Fela, and many others in this project. Some have said they can't hear the Beyonce in the album, but I don't think that's true. I think Beyonce is all over the project, and you can definitely hear her sonic force in the songs. As a pop star of the stature that Beyonce is it's sort of remarkable that she took this kind of risk. Britney is pretty much still doing Britney, Gaga is still doing Gaga, and Alicia is still doing Alicia. If someone took a risk it is Beyonce in my opinion. I like the album, a lot.

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