Curren$y's High Productivity

What's the secret behind the rapper's immense output?

The way Curren$y sees it, having a certain aesthetic both helps turn casual listeners into hardcore fans and makes working with producers a lot easier. On April 20 of this year, he released Covert Coup, a collaboration with Alchemist, veteran producer of Mobb Deep and Nas. What started an impromptu session to record one song turned into a recording marathon.

"I met Al in L.A. to record a song for the Net," says Curren$y. "I hadn't had anything out for a little while. So Al says he has some beats for me that he produced with me in mind. So we knock out one joint. It was so hot neither of us wanted to give it away. So we knock out another one. Again, too hot to give away. After we did about four or five songs, we were just like, 'Fuck it. Might as well do a whole fucking album.' "

With Weekend at Burnie's, produced almost exclusively by longtime collaborator Monsta Beatz, Curren$y is on an incline with no peak in sight. He is flooding the block like Weezy circa 2006, and he's showing no signs of letting up.

Blazing output: Curren$y
John Ricard
Blazing output: Curren$y

"This has all gotten bigger than I thought it was ever gonna get," he says slowly. "But I always knew it was going to work out for me. Does that make any sense?"

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