Vera Farmiga On Faith, Madonna, and Mo'Nique

The actress bares her soul to me.

Farmiga: Yes. Madonna and I had met several times. We wanted to embark on that working relationship, and then I got knocked up! My expanding waistline was not gonna cut it. But it was nice to shoot the shit with Madonna.

Me: She's on a higher ground. By the way, your big quote on IMDb is about how you're the anti-Barbie.

Farmiga: Who writes this stuff? I said it at 21. What preschooler has written my bio on IMDb? I totally played with Barbies! I intermingled them with the Strawberry Shortcake doll—a weird, short, smelly piece of plastic.

Farmiga: A yearning experience
Carrie Schechter
Farmiga: A yearning experience

Me: You are open to all faiths!

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