Improve Your Golf Game in One Easy Step! God on the Green in Seven Days in Utopia


Seven Days in Utopia
Directed by Matt Russell
Opens September 2

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A fantasy about a temperamental, wand-wielding young man named Luke and the aphorism-uttering master who leads him to enlightenment, Seven Days in Utopia transposes Jedi mythology to the manicured greens of competitive golf. But unlike the Excalibur-on-the-baseball-diamond antics of The Natural, Matt Russell's modern myth trades out hero worship for a hero who worships. After an epic meltdown on the 18th hole of his professional debut, handsome hotshot Luke Chisholm (Lucas Black) swerves his sedan onto the Texas farm of one Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall), a wizened old Yoda who just happens to be a retired golf pro. With his car wrecked just enough, and a wholesome redhead making eyes at him from across the haystacks, Luke agrees to stick around for a week of eccentric private lessons and golf metaphors. For a time, the film shoulders its hokum rather well, with Black strutting convincingly and Duvall's mouthy mugging mostly in check. But all those shots of heavenly shafts of light eventually climax in unabashed Christian conversion, with our Golf Whisperer bequeathing Luke a Bible as a power-pop song exults, it feels like I'm born again. "See it, feel it, trust it," Johnny teaches. "Don't think." God forbid.

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This another wonderful little gem from Duval. Yes there is a strong Christian theme. But sincere Christians really are like that.


Are all your critiques so filled with snarky condescension passed down from your high horse? What a load of drivel. I wish I had not happened upon your name. I will not make the same mistake twice. You should actually open your eyes and ears when you attend the films you critique--or purport to.


Watching this movie was pure mental torture. Who needs waterboarding when we have SDIU and its plethora of gratuitous, hokey and predictable scenes. The only value to this flick is its possible use in CIA interrogations. Force potential Al Qaeda informants to watch this movie over and over, and they'll be sure to confess.

The only redeeming part of this movie was its cutaway at the end (which I actually liked)... compelling viewers to go to a website to find out if Luke made the putt. But, lo and behold... the website devolves the suspense from there. We find out (and not to my surprise) it's another attempt by the Religious Right to shove their holiness mantra down the throats of realists. (Ya see, if you're already a Bible-thumper you don't need to go to the website. But for me... they just keep trying to find ways to make my life better. Umm... how 'bout comin' over to my house and painting my den instead.)

I don't understand why Robert Duvall would've accepted a role in this film. Maybe he previewed the wrong script, or may he wanted to reprise his role in Days of Thunder, under more serene settings.


By the way, I wonder if this pseudo-intellectual knows that christians DO actually THINK; looknay what christian intellectuals contributed to the Italian Renaissance and what christian scientists contributed to our understanding of the Universe...see Father Lametra (spelling wrong) who showed Einstein was wrong in the 1920's...sorry u leftist bigot hate-filled writer...but there r smart Christians out there who do think...intelligence is not only the granted to agnostics and Jews.


Loser religion hater; I don't believe in god buy I'm not a bigot like this writer who hates Christians.


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