Fall Arts: Zana Bayne Harnesses Her Talents

The young designer takes us shopping for fall

"Thank you," Bayne replies, blushing a little. "That really warms my heart."

Feeling re-energized thanks to her fan, Bayne hits one final store, Oak (28 Bond Street, 212-677-1293), which carries established designers on the first floor and more-affordable clothing in the basement. She coos over a pair of soft leather gym pants by Preen ($900). "I just want to wrap myself in them," she says, and throws the legs around her shoulders like a cape. But she doesn't dare try them on: "I'm afraid I'll love them too much."

Instead, she heads off to meet the new guy she's been dating. And what's his story? His family founded the South Brooklyn Casket Company, of course.

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