Ground Zero Tolerance

With no politician willing to take charge, the 9/11 recovery has dragged on far too long

If Cuomo manages, with Ward or a replacement, to finally heal the open wound that's bedeviled the city for a decade, New Yorkers will remember. If he fiddles around as his predecessors have, we'll remember that, too. Any change at the Port Authority needs to come with a credible plan and time frame on which to judge the results and the governor.

It's late, but it might not be too late.

John MacConnell

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Clip Job Rules
Clip Job Rules

Lesson to terrorists bomb anything in New York and despite endless well meaning rhetoric about replacing what you have destroyed with a symbol of defiance you will take the area out of commission for decades. If you are a truther who believes the government were the terrorists and did it for economic reasons maybe that is why there has been no more false flag operations.