Temporal Powers Lets Some Eire In

The Mint revives another rarely seen play by Teresa Deevy

Bank's production, sticking to the work's realistic surface, plays it so close to the vest that at times it almost disappears, sinking into a constant mutter coated with Gaelic vowels. The comic characters tend to overplay; Benton and Redmond, who were good in James Whelan, come off dogged rather than dramatic. Dowling and Horgan, under less constant pressure, do somewhat better. Only James, jumpy-eyed and wary, seems to have caught his character's full essence. The shortfall hardly matters: Deevy's play, solid and startling, lets an unexpected chunk of the past speak truth to the present. And that's what the Mint is for.

From the Abbey, long-ago: Aidan Redmond and Rosie Benton
Richard Termine
From the Abbey, long-ago: Aidan Redmond and Rosie Benton


Temporal Powers
By Teresa Deevy
Mint Theater
311 West 43rd Street
212-315-0231, minttheater.org


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