Fall Arts: Theater Picks

Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
566 LaGuardia Placeskirballcenter.nyu.edu

Elective Affinities
Performances begin November 17

As much as we like their Walker Street space, we're pleased to note that Soho Rep is going site specific. In Elective Affinities, a play by David Adjmi, elderly Alice invites you and a few other guests into her Upper East Side apartment for a chat. But under Sarah Benson's direction, what begins as genteel conversation devolves into violence. (But isn't it always that way on the East Side?)

Malkovich hopes to slay 'em in The Infernal Comedy at BAM.
Nathalie Bauer
Malkovich hopes to slay 'em in The Infernal Comedy at BAM.

Venue to be announced, sohorep.org

The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer
Performances begin November 17

John Malkovich is so skilled at playing psychopaths, you're sometimes tempted to question his own sanity. He'll likely have you reaching for your Rorschach blots when he takes on the role of Jack Unterweger in this Dante-esque Musikkonzept production at BAM. Unterweger, an Austrian serial killer, charmed the press and the intelligentsia even as he strangled nearly a dozen women.

BAM Opera House
30 Lafayette AvenueBrooklyn, bam.org

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