Anthrax and Joey Belladonna Keep It In the Family

How the band and its once and current singer were caught in an emotional mosh

Belladonna rejoined the band in time for The Big 4 to play a series of European shows in 2010. In April, the tour came stateside, and the show in Indio, California, was the band's biggest ever. Being in Yankee Stadium, surrounded by friends and with Anthrax's hometown of New York as a backdrop, will easily top it. "That's gonna be the one where I may break down," says Benante.

And while Belladonna isn't exactly psyched about having to sing the occasional song originally laid down by his replacement—"We do [the 1993 track] 'Only.' That's plenty"—the singer proudly boasts that he and his bandmates are older and wiser this go-round. "I find that when we can all go to dinner on occasion now, it's like, 'Wow, is this really happening,'" he says. "I feel like a little kid that I actually got invited to a party."

"Joey remembers everything from the past. He never lets it go," says Benante. "But, you know, whether or not he realizes it, this is the best he's ever sounded on a record. . . . He's fucking amazing."

At the Stadium: Anthrax.
Matthew Rodgers
At the Stadium: Anthrax.

Additional reporting by Kory Grow

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