The Rapture Come Home

The band that launched DFA Records returns to its roots after a major-label detour

"I never would have put [In the Grace of Your Love] out if I didn't like it," says Galkin. "I wouldn't have put out the second record."

Williamsburg Hall of Music, Saturday, August 20: The Rapture are delivering church to their people. Looking around, I wonder how many here came to New York because of the Rapture—and how many, like me, happened to luck into the right place at the right time.

I arrived in New York in March 2001, and though we travel in some of the same circles, I'd never actually met Galkin until I spoke with him in July. The interview gave me retrospective déjà vu when he suggested I get in touch with someone who'd been around back then: "That girl Tricia"—ex-Voice columnist Tricia Romano, my best friend. She'd taken me to Plant Bar every Friday night in 2001–02, where I'd heard Murphy DJ, sat across the room from Galkin, and been served drinks by Jenner all those years before, without knowing who any of them were. In other words, I was there—and had never realized it.

The Rapture play Webster Hall on Friday, September 23.
Willie Davis
The Rapture play Webster Hall on Friday, September 23.
Willie Davis

Location Info


Madison Square Garden

Seventh Ave. & 32nd St.
New York, NY 10001

Category: Music Venues

Region: Chelsea

Looking back, it's amazing how fertile New York was in that period, and how lasting. That's what the Rapture still wants. At the Hall of Music, Jenner begins his encore by dedicating "Sail Away," Grace's opener, to his wife of 10 years, his voice cracking a hair. It was followed by the evening's finale, Grace's closer, "It Takes Time to Be a Man." As the music ended, I realized—for the first time, having played the advance with increasing pleasure for two months—just what the word is that Jenner sings on the coda: "Hallelujah."

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