Boom, Bubble, Bust: Matthew Barney + Jenny Saville + Mickalene Thomas

New York goes retread. But maybe there's a little hope

Thanks, Mom: Saville's Red Stare Head II, 2011
© Jenny Saville, Courtesy Gagosian Gallery/Photo Mike Bruce
Thanks, Mom: Saville's Red Stare Head II, 2011


Jenny Saville: 'Continuum'
Gagosian Gallery
980 Madison Avenue 212-744-2313,

Matthew Barney: 'DJED'
Gladstone Gallery
530 West 21st Street

Mickalene Thomas: 'More than everything'
Lehmann Maupin
201 Chrystie Street

By contrast, a third show in the city's newish arts neighborhood, the Bowery, sounds a note of restraint and even stocktaking that other artists might consider. Mickalene Thomas's exhibition at Lehmann Maupin is a scaled-down affair by an artist who recently made a splash with a blinged-up mural for MOMA's 53rd Street window. A display of medium- and small-scale photographs and collages—some of which exhibit a vivacity of color and texture that recalls passages of David Hockney—Thomas's salon-style hang suggests meditation, reinvention possibly. The culture we deserve isn't always, clearly, the culture we need. But at least this artist knows when it's time to stop, look around, and reassess.

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