Now, at last, after the feverishly overinflated Occupy Wall Street is being heralded by media across the country as our version of the “Arab Spring” (and look what’s happening in Egypt), a tiny but dramatic illustration of a demonstration—unlike Occupy Wall Street—has been reported on page 23 of the Daily News. It should have been on page 2 or 3, accompanied by editorials.

Barry Paddock reported on October 13: “Hundreds of teenagers who say they’ve been targeted by cops because of their ethnicity marched over Brooklyn Bridge yestrerday to protest the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policies. One said cops have stopped and questioned him some 20 times . . .

“Organizers with the Campaign for Just and Fair Policing complain that blacks and Latinos are nine times as likely as whites to be stopped . . . A record 601,055 people were stopped and questioned last year, NYPD stats show, and the department is on track to top that this year.” And in 2012?

Don’t Occupy Ray Kelly. Demand, with nonviolent demonstration, waving the Fourth Amendment, that Bloomberg fire him—with Kelly guaranteed his total due process rights.

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Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott

if my granny is assaulted by anyone (including the police) I will personally open up a can of whip-ass on them... Ya don't hurt your elders... without suffering repercussions.. fu{3rz..

Andy S
Andy S

I want to know why the Village Voice pulled this story from it's front page and main indexes and buried it so deep, it was all but impossible to locate after being recommended to me? So much for cutting edge journalism, Editor!

Comm. Kelly Dumb-Paddy
Comm. Kelly Dumb-Paddy

Great article, Nat. Thank you for being there and highlighting the undemocratic and illegal thug culture of the NYPD! What was it Conficius said? "If your government is corrupt, your people will be corrupt." Interesting how this myopic approach by Bloomberg is leaving a NYC legacy of problems.

As to the picture of Kelly, aren't those Bloombergs shoe-laces dangling out from Kelly's ass? So that's where he gets to these days!

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