Still Single? VH1 Matchmaker Siggy Flicker Tells You How To Get Hooked

This matchmaker cares about your private area

On the show, she used handcuffs to help a guy named Sergio stop talking with so many nebbishy gestures. (And you can always use the cuffs on a later date, I guess.) And Siggy softened his love match, Grace, by telling her: "You taunted and insulted him! You're a beautiful, classy girl, but even supermodels don't have this attitude.'"

"Grace has bigger balls than Sergio," announced Siggy on the show before shrinking them.

By the way, Siggy told me that all the same rules apply for gay dating, but they haven't addressed LGBTs on the show yet. "You have to talk to VH1 about that," she says when I needle her on it. I would, but I'm afraid they'll put me on a date.

Your host for Match Game, 2011
Bart Stadnicki/VH1
Your host for Match Game, 2011

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