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Theater/Performing Arts

It's never too late to become a guitar hero. New York City Guitar School, with offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, offers a 10-week course limited to six students that promises to teach you chords, strums, riffs, and basic theory. And if you're not confidently wielding your axe at the end, they offer a money-back guarantee. Non-noobs can sign up for more advanced classes like "Flamenco Guitar," "Play the Beatles," "Songwriters Circle," and "Blues Guitar Basics."

"Acting," said Katharine Hepburn, "is the perfect idiot's profession." But that doesn't stop many of us numbskulls from aspiring to it. If you're a Brooklynite looking to make your dramatic debut, you can rehearse with "Acting & the Business of Acting" at Medgar Evers College. In four sessions, you can prepare for a ravishing career onstage or on camera or simply overcome your fear of public speaking.


If you've ever wandered into one of the fabric warehouses in the West 20s, then you know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the cornucopia of cotton, the piles of polyester, the surge of serge. (To say nothing of the fun fur, which actually is pretty fun.) Starting October 31, Parsons's fashion continuing education department offers "Fabric Selection and Design Style," which trains you in color theory and fabric choice.

Perhaps you've learned to pleat, dart, hem, crimp, pin, tuck, and sew like a dream, yet it's still not enough to launch your fashion line. Luckily, the Fashion Institute of Technology offers a number of seminars aimed at "manufacturing, marketing, and your control of business operations." Fall offerings include "Finding the Right Supplier," "A View from a Retail Buyer and Sales Rep," and "Selling and Marketing Your Product Online."


Poets House, a library and literary center in Battery Park City, boasts more than 50,000 volumes of poetry. Perhaps you aspire to have your folios number among them. If you'd like to bring your sestinas up to snuff or make your blank verse a bit more colorful, consider the center's workshops and seminars. Upcoming master classes include one with Glyn Maxwell and another with Ann Waldman.

In Fast Fiction, author Roberta Allen argues that you can rev your creative motor with a series of five-minute exercises. If you'd rather devote a little more time to your literary pursuits, Allen runs Creative Writing Workshops NYC, intimate groups that meet near Union Square for three-hour sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. At each meeting, every student has an opportunity to read his or her work, while learning techniques, building confidence, and receiving support.


You've got your brushes, your canvas, your clay, your mixed media, your garret, and your jaunty beret. So what's getting in the way of your art career? The Art Studio NY on the Upper West Side might offer some answers. Beginning in November, they offer a four-week class entitled "Make Art Like No One's Watching." Students will work with a variety of materials in order to "break loose and express freely with joy." If you've already silenced your inner critic, they offer plenty of drawing and painting classes as well.

For Children and Teens

If the children are our future, then that future apparently involves a lot of finger painting. You can introduce your offspring to a greater breadth of creative pursuits at Moon Soup, which has East Side, West Side, and Astoria locations. At "Crafty Kids," your tot can study beading, collage, paper crafts, and papier mâché. At "Messy Art and Music," kids work in a variety of media while singing, drumming, dancing, and yes, finger painting.

Parents of artistic children might dream of their offspring one day showing work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Happily, they won't have to wait long. The Met offers a variety of free classes for adolescents, from the loosely structured Saturday "Drop-In Drawing Sessions" to more formal offerings such as "The Portfolio Class." Other courses center on special exhibits and portions of the museum's collection.


These days, it seems like anyone with a cell phone camera can consider herself an auteur, but making a movie involves just a bit more than pressing the record button and posting the results on YouTube. To that end, the

School of Visual Arts has prepared a one-day class on Saturday, November 12, entitled "The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Your Film Made," which explores how to get your indie film "off the ground from a business perspective . . . in a studio-driven world."

Food and Drink

If you're looking to sharpen your cooking talents, you might start with your knife skills. Cut Brooklyn, a Gowanus workshop devoted to crafting artisanal cutlery, offers a monthly class devoted to honing your blade work. After a complimentary sharpening, students practice by prepping foods such as pineapple-basil salsa, chilled cucumber-avocado soup, and vegetable stir-fry. And when the class is completed, you get to eat your creations, too.

Mario Batali has built a culinary empire introducing diners to regional Italian cuisine. And he'd apparently like them to know about Italy's wines as well. Every Saturday and Sunday, Otto, Batali's Greenwich Village pizzeria, hosts a 90-minute wine class in which students taste two whites and three reds. Students can choose among "Discovery" classes, "Regional" classes, "Wine and Cheese" classes, and for those desiring just a bit more booze, "Ultimate" classes.

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